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We, At Rama Convent, believe that along with developing academically strong students, an important goal of education is to teach children to be socially responsible citizens e\who would learn from the youngest ages how to give their best for the greater cause. Towards this end, we aim to meet not only the physical, emotional, and educational needs of children but their spiritual needs as well.

In addition to this, age-appropriate activities, reading materials, class trips, guest speakers on varied topics of service, and civil responsibilities are integral parts of a child’s education at Rama Convent.

Competition with self

A child at Rama is always competing but not with others, rather this competition is with self. We always emphasize learning right than learning fast. We do not let a child succumb to competition & rat race pressures, but we understand & respect that every child has his own optimal pace to learn. This results in a stress-free environment where a child gets full freedom to grow individually.

Personality Development

The school emphasizes the overall personality development of the children. This is an area where nothing can be compromised. It decides the future growth of a child in a multi-dimensional level. In addition to this, children are taught interacting techniques.

Educational Tours And Excursions

Adventurous activities are a part of the school curriculum. Students are sent for educational and recreational excursions, picnics, museums, monuments, etc.

School Exhibition

The feeling “Towards a Healthy Nation, Healthy Food, Healthy Living and Healthy Life are generated in students through multiple activities such as exhibition Models, Projects, etc at school . The winners are awarded medals, trophies, and certificates.

Clean And Caring Environment

The school provides a clean and hygienic environment to the students.

Transportation Services

School provides transport facilities on specified routes.

The Bus, Magic, Van, Rickshaw, etc operate under the safety scheme which ensures that your child reaches home safely and securely.

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